Next generation of antimicrobials must be antibiofilms

Olivier Favre-Bulle


Olivier Favre-Bulle

COO (acting) Chief Operating Officer - PhD.              CMC & Preclinical Strategy


At BioFilm Pharma, Olivier acts as COO (non executive), in charge of the CMC-Preclinical Regulatory affairs.

Olivier has spent 20 years working in the life sciences industry, firstly as a researcher and later as a business leader. He began his career at Rhône-Poulenc, before moving to Covance, following a stint at Novo Nordisk.

As a researcher and developer, he has over 20 patents bearing his name and has won the Rhône-Poulenc research prize. He has led several international industrial development projects from inception in the laboratory all the way through to cGMP production.

As a business leader with a strong operational presence, he has a strong strategic vision and an excellent understanding of the industry in scientific, economic and commercial terms. He has set up and developed several biotechnology companies and pre-clinical and clinical trial service companies worldwide.

He holds a degree in chemical engineering, supplemented by a PhD in biology from the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). He has also received a MBA from SIMI (Denmark).